A drunken post

Two glasses of wine while listening to rock and I am totally gone... 

Sorry I had disappeared, I had been away.
Finished teaching at 6pm last Thursday, jumped on a train Friday morning to visit my brother (4-hour journey), got another train on Sunday morning (another 4-hour journey) to visit my Angel for 24 hours and got back on Monday (that was just a 3-hour journey).
I had been teaching and marking essays all day yesterday and today.

And now I realise that its my ex's birthday. Well, happy birthday ex-Darling, here's 'a song to say goodbye.' 

But what I definately remembered as soon as I woke up was that tomorrow is my Angel and me are having our three months anniversary! (only three months? it feels so much more!)

This morning, Συγκατοικουλίνη's brother got engaged! That made my day! (και στα δικά μας οι ανύπαντρες).

Ok, I am off to be bed now. Whoever tries to wake me up early tomorrow is going to get killed. 

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sofia said...

Περάσανε τρεις μήνες! Πόσο γρήγορα περνάει ο καιρός!! Σαν χτες μου φαίνεται το πόστ που έλεγες για την εξ-πεθερά και τα φαγητά της...
Καλή ξεκούραση